Monday, June 9, 2008

My Current Obsession

Whenever I have twenty minutes of me time (aka, during Peter's naps and sometimes at night), I am all over playing "Xplorers" (a jazzed-up version of Settlers of Catan) at It pretty much rocks. And you can play with real people or with bots (I usually play with bots, because then the game is fast and if I have to leave the game, I don't get penalized).

If you're a Settlers fan and you want to check it out... do! You don't have to enter your e-mail or anything, just make up a unique screenname, make a password, and there you go. Then enter "nonranking lobby" for bot play... and if you want to do the normal Settlers, select "basic," then "Default" (or whatever the map is called). If you want Cities and Knights, select that. And if you want to wonder what the heck is going on (in a fun way) do "surprise me."

HAVE FUN! I'm gunna go play a game... with Robert (on his lunch break). Wahoo!

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