Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Game Guru

I have a brother that knows about every game ever made; in fact, he's probably played any game you've ever heard of. You may think that's a stretch, but it's really not. He's even been paid to review some games.

Here's an example of the extent of his gaming wisdom (and keep in mind, these are just the ones he owned at the time this page was made):

Thinking about my brother and games has caused me to reflect on several games of yesteryear that I really enjoyed and want to play again. Here they are in order of preference:

1. The Omega Virus

This is one of the games I remember playing with my brothers when I was young. This was a talking game that rocked. It was everyone against the computer, and the purpose was to destroy the Omega virus before it destroyed you (or something like that).

2. Tornado Rex

Another brother of mine got this for Christmas one year; the only time I remember playing it was on that Christmas day. Very simple rules: you roll the dice and try to get up the mountain; then you wind Tornado Rex and let him spin down the trail; if you get knocked over, you go back to the beginning.

3. Mystery Mansion

This is a game I actually owned; I got it one Christmas and played it like mad. The problem was that there were so many little pieces to it that it quickly became unplayable as more and more pieces vanished. It's another talking game.

*sigh* They just don't make games like this anymore. The good news is that I was able to acquire two classics from the olden days that my wife and I now have secure on our own game shelf:

1. Robo Rally

Actually, this was a gift for my wife a couple of Christmases ago. She calls it a Homer gift (in reference to the Simpsons episode where Homer, for Christmas, gives Marge a bowling ball with his name inscribed on it), but she was excited about it when we had played it with friends.

2. 1313 Dead End Drive

And this game I got for Jocelyn as well, after I helped her remember playing it as a kid (or at least thinking she played it). It was hard to get; sold only on Amazon. And this isn't even the original. This is the re-released version.

Yes, games are fun . . . If only Jocelyn and I had other people to play them with.

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