Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Celebrity Reactions: Tony Parker

Oh, ze Bostone Celteeks haf won-a ze tie-tell. A-zo Tonay Parcare ess varry sads, he steel ess happy for-a ze Celteeks. Espessalley ze Rayzean Rondo. Such-a smooth skeen and preety eyes.

Maybe ze Rayzean Rondo wanta to join-a Tonay and-a Eefa in ze bed? Maybe ze Rayzean wanta to sex-a my wife? Maybe ze Rondo, maybe he want-a baguette? UH-HUH-HUH, BAGUETTE!

Tonay Parcare don't know. When he wass champeen, he sex-a EFFRYSING. Ees-a up to you Rayzean. You no sex-a my wife, maybe Crease Paul vill.

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