Saturday, May 28, 2011

hello, summer heat!

I think I forgot how hot it gets in Texas, and boy, its HOT! After going through a couple of days with storms, tornado warnings and high winds the past few days have been 90+ degree weather. If its only May 28, I can't believe what it will be like later in the summer. I'm thankful for the breaks in between for traveling so I can be in different climates and not sweat as I'm walking back up the stairs to go inside.

The continuation of Thursday Dinners is still happening (this past week moved to Wednesday) and I'm just extremely thankful for these opportunities and friends that want to gather for a meal and movie.

Shelby combined her love for Harry Potter and cooking skills to create a masterpiece dinner! (not pictured: apple tart for dessert and carrots)

roomies plus Russell!

group shot of friends using my lovely self-timer

What summer traditions do you have? Picnics? Outside parties?
Happy weekend! All you Texas folks, drink lots of water!

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