Monday, May 9, 2011

Danielle's Picks!

Last week when stormpocalypse was happening I was far too lazy to gather together a room that inspired me nor clothes that I wanted to wear (that sounded bad, I did wear clothes last week). So now that it's 80 degree(plus) weather and finals are this week, I picked the perfect spot to study while being cute:

If you haven't checked out Anthro's new spring catalog, I HIGHLY suggest it, because its nothing but beautiful clothes I want to earnbutcan'taffordsoilljustlookatthemwithdesperation. Anyways...I was inspired by the outdoor porch with the chair I'd love to sit in.

I also chose three different shirts (all JCrew; vintage cotton white tee, red racerback tank, stripe button-back tee) because I think either could go with these comfy looking broken-in boyfriend chino pants also from JCrew. Pair that with the astria suede sandals (JCrew), casbah scarf (JCrew) or the woven straw fedora (JCrew). End with mini riley watch (Fossil). Let's put it this way... I want something from JCrew!

For my friends studying/preparing/taking finals, I wish you the best of luck! For those who are done (like me) yay! Let's celebrate!

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