Sunday, March 6, 2011

storytelling brings me back

So yesterday I participated in my first SLR (service learning) activity at UNT helping kids make barkcloth bags. Well we only helped out 2, but I got to make my own and hear storytellers which I haven't heard in probably 15+ years. I learned about the development of barkcloth and how the people of Uganda take it from a tree and treat it. It's a true art, they delicately handle the tree bark, wrap the tree back in banana tree, beat the bark over and over again to make the actual cloth.

After hearing the stories we went to the stations, grabbed a board and began weaving through different materials. These materials are things normally thrown away or not used in this manner. 

We also had a station where we attached a notecard of a memory we most recall. That could be happy, sad, family trip, big event, etc. and then we hung it on the stretched tarp. Now its hanging in front of the art gallery, showing how collaborative art makes for an art piece. I enjoyed this project so much, I may use it in a couple of years with my students!!

Happy rest of the weekend!

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