Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Fairy Tale.

He loves fashion.
He loves music.
He adores anything..
He lives on his own music + eccentric
world and stuff.
Everything was perfect but suddenly......

What's up with the box?
He stole it from
the witch live at the back of his house.

After a period of time...,
something happens to him.
He grow up like a cocoon.
He acting like a weird.
The curse of the box?

Many days to come.
Yoga came first in his mind.
Maybe his mind and his
soul trap in the box.
So he need to be cool sometimes.
Poor him..

At least he smile!
He know how hard it was,
to be a different kind of thing.

At last he became a fairy.
Struggling in life

The journey of hope starts right now!
The box had made turn him into
something else.
A fairytale.

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