Friday, March 18, 2011

Download Bloody Roar ISO

Bloody Roar has kept somewhat the same controls over the series. A button each for both punch and kick, the beast (transform/attack) button and a fourth button that has been either a throw button, a block button, an evade button (Introduced for some characters in Bloody Roar 4) and a rave button (An early version of the hyper beast in Bloody Roar 1 only)
The gameplay experience of Bloody Roar is a combination of classic and current style side scrolling fighting games. such as Tekken, Soul Calibur, Guilty Gear and Street Fighter. Although some of the characters have remained almost identical through all 4 games others have changed completely. For example Yugo has a completely different move set in the fourth title compared to his original in the first and Bakuryu has stayed almost the same apart from a few extras which are relevant to the games evolution over time and generations.
Characters in Bloody Roar have command moves and standard moves. Standard moves are the combination style moves from more simplistic games such as Tekken, where the player must press different buttons to create "combos", sometimes pressing the directional pad in one of the eight directions at the same time. Command moves are special moves that require a rolling technique and inputting certain commands with the directional pad, like Street Fighter. Each character has around 14 "suggested" combination techniques listed in the manual, most of these can be varied into many different ways, allowing nearly 40 - 70 combination techniques with each character. Every character also comes with at least 8 command moves, which can be incorporated into cancel points in these standard moves or combos. These cancel points from character to character can be around 20 - 40 in each character's combo palette. These cancel points, when utilized with command moves, can then be canceled once more, allowing the player to begin a new strategy with adequate timing. As well as this, the combat system has 3 types of dodging techniques, a heavy and light block that spans over 3 parts of the body, instead of the typical 2 in most fighting games, and "scratch" techniques, which can break guards from dead angles and a series of command counters, throws and vanishing attacks. Bloody Roar 4, the latest game in the series, may be the most complex of the series, with the largest fighter roster of 17 characters, and the ability to earn more moves by earning experience in "Career mode". However, since the Bloody Roar games have a steep difficulty curve and tend to lack any tutorials, this depth is largely unknown, and the games have drawn criticism as "button mashers".

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