Thursday, March 10, 2011

genre: hip-hop/rap

About 75% of the time Buddy (yes I named my car) is blaring rap music going through the streets of Denton. What I love about hip-hop are the lyrics, beats, rhythm and sound. It makes me want to dance and gives me tons of inspiration for approaching art. And while I don't agree with many of the lyrics Nicki, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne present, they are still talented. They were given a gift. 

Lecrae I discovered a few years ago by friends and had never heard a rapper sing about Jesus! With beats! It was a new discovery! Same with Tedashii who I found out goes to The Village as well, just a different campus!

So the image below is my collection of artist(s) of the week!

Spring Break is so soon!
I'm ready for Cali!

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