Sunday, March 13, 2011

Canada or the US?

I'm guessing, as most of my readers are of American origin, that most of you are screaming: WHOA WHOA WHOA, AMERICA IS SO MUCH BETTER.

However, I - a wholly British citizen - am on a much more unbiased debating ground and therefore feel I should express my opinion here.

"What does this have to do with gays and lesbians?" you ask.

Well, the more literature I read about gay marriage in both Canada and the United States, the more I am pushed away from the US and pulled toward Canada.

Of course, we all know that gay marriage is legal everywhere in Canada, not just in 6 poxy states like it is in America. But there is more to the matter.

For instance, in the article I just read by Clifford Krauss, (click his name for a link to the article), he explains that once gay marriage was legalized in Canada, there was little concern or backlash against it. I mean, of course there was some when it came to super, super Catholic parts of the church, but it was nothing compared to the States.

Krauss writes "When Massachusetts' highest court ruled for gay marriage, the issue loomed over American politics." He also reveals how even the most democratic, liberal Presidential candidates vowed to be unsupportive when it came to homosexual marriage.

All this makes me think of how closed-minded America seems. A lot of the opposition against gay marriage's legalization wasn't even from the opinions of those Americans who were overly religious. Some of the opposition came from people who had just been 'brought up that way'. That is, brought up to hate, or at least dislike, gay people.

With Canada's current social and politic state, it seems relatively easy to conclude that Canada would be a much more welcoming place for gay people and their families to live.

However, I wonder if this is not the case, and some of the things I've been reading are misleading?

If you're from either Canada or the United States, please comment and tell me your thoughts on this issue. I am extremely curious, but to me, Canada seems to be winning here.

Please prove me wrong - or right!

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