Wednesday, December 15, 2010

using color

ever get stopped by a craft project because you don't know what colors to pick? too fearful it won't look good? have no idea what colors look good together? i have a pretty good eye (i think) of what colors look sweet together so the next time you get stuck at what colors to decide from, maybe this will help:

1. Browns/Neutrals
I don't think you can ever go wrong with a simple palette of browns (be subtle though). Depending on the room and emotion you want when people walk in is the key! These colors would look great for a study room. (calming, sophisticated)

2. Black/Purples (darker hues)
From my short period in painting I have learned never to directly use black on a canvas, but create your own. Or if you do, use hardly any. When decorating/coloring with these darker colors you want them to be the "POP!"item in the room, for example, paint a thrift store chair black, use black frames for pictures. Use purple as an accent color in the room which can play in with pillows, lamp shade, candles, accessories. These colors would work nicely for an office or guest room.

3. Brights/Warmer colors
These colors give make me feel energized and awake. I would use these in the living room with soft green painted walls, a beige/neutral color couch, touches of yellow/fuchsia through out the room. I love the combination of these colors even through this picture from Africa.

4. Combination of colors
I think color is beautiful, it is all around us and within a home says so much about a person. One of those colors I'm so drawn to is yellow; the vibrance, the energy, the fun! These colors would work well in the kitchen, a place of gathering, of good company and conversation. Throw yellow on the wall (pick your shade of yellow wisely), throw yellow on the plates, in your accessories. Play with it! The blue next to it will make it more calming as well as the white.

in the future when you come across a craft/project/redecoration dilemma hopefully these color suggestion s will not only help you to let go of that fear but give you confidence to finish that project!

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