Sunday, December 26, 2010


I am your flower. Smells like roses.
Kiss me.., and I will haunt you next.

Forgive me.
For whatever reason,
I choose dark as it fun
to live sometimes..

Wake up..and watch the sunrise
as it fades then,
and then I stumble.
Do I have to sit and watch
doing nothing???

This Satan's game blindfold me.
It's a tough decision
as I am enjoy for desire and consciousness
that stuck upon me.

Without thinking.

Weird. Nothing.
Just thinking how am I look like
with a new changes, hair? suppose?
with a pair of sunglasses?
Oh.., I'm not older than that.

But sometimes it have to be confident.
Change your life.
Wear new clothe.
Walk out there and fierce!

Conversation end.
(Do you hear me)

ps ; I am crazy bitch!

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