Tuesday, November 30, 2010

new items!

you know my love for journaling and i couldn't continue my weekend without picking up a new one, which i didn't realize i spent $30 on until i looked down at the receipt, that's how much i wanted it:

these are horrible pictures of how wonderful it is close up, but its a suede deep blue with white lined pages

and here's a close up of some of the designs in it plus the little string/bead that keeps it closed.

i also drank coffee this morning from my first thrown mug!! i've enjoyed ceramics through the semester, but my favorite is the glazing and final outcome (well duh). i call this the papa mug because of how large it is and the handle that comes off of it.

on a scale from 1-10, this would be a 7.
i'll list reasons for you so when you go shopping now for a new coffee mug you know what qualities to look for:

1. the handle is not that comfortable for the hands, you can hold it by the finger which becomes heavy on your hand or you can slide 2 fingers in comfortably to maintain weight.
2. it holds almost 3 cups of coffee which i think it pretty wonderful, but the center isn't straight down, it has some lumps inside.
3. the lip (top) of the mug isn't rounded up nicely so you can't just drink the coffee from any angle, you need to figure out where it won't spill on you.
4. what i do enjoy though is the shape of it and the glazing application i did creating a calm emotion, i want to be able to enjoy my coffee peacefully (since i typically have mine to start the morning)

happy coffee mug and journaling shopping!

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