Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jeremy Sticks a Bowl on His Head, Peter Acts Like He's Really Cool, and Other Adventures

The Gibbons family has not posted any pics in a while. Here's a few good ones, starting with Jeremy learning how to lounge:

Here's the part where Jeremy sticks a bowl on his head. He really likes wearing hats and bowls, apparently He's also been known to stack sticky suckers on his head:

Here's the lucky parents of the young gentlemen, at a release party for Brandon Sanderson's / Robert Jordan's new book The Towers of Midnight. Both of us won prizes at the event.

Here's Peter, just after launch on a dinosaur slide at the Dinosaur Park in Ogden.

And here is Peter's best GQ pose at the same park:

There was one scary episode that day at the park. We were with friends digging for dinosaur bones when we noticed that Jeremy had vanished. We found him a short distance away staring at the ducks:

He must be thinking really deep thoughts.

Stay cool, kids.

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