Monday, November 22, 2010

being twenty-two

either i am beginning to experience the tiniest bit of old age or my brain is dying every second because i realized in my previous posts i said i was going to post about my birthday (already did) and then put looks instead of look*. those things have been fixed but i will NOT make any promises that it will happen again, even within this post. so so sorry.

spending a weekend in turner falls with 45+ girls is just what i needed to have my soul refreshed and a deeper longing for Jesus Christ, there are way more pictures via facebook but i thought i would post a couple that will make me remember this sweet time with my sisters.

majority of my sisters and for the ones who couldn't be here, i missed you very much!

my smallgroup's mascot is Hooters the owl, so she came with us everywhere and even spent time doing her favorite things such as playing in the leaves

and enjoying the cabin view.

a huge group of us went out to turner falls to experience some good rock climbing and water falls, such a humbling time.
He is good, the Father is so wonderful!

"I love you, O Lord, my strength." -Psam 18:1

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