Sunday, November 21, 2010

Desired Constellation

Recently I had done a photoshoot & the best thing is I it did all by myself! If you look @ all the picture, I'm trying to express my desire & feelings towards the amber of my soul. Hurmm..., Well I think I can be a photographer too! Hehe..What do ya think???

To fullfil my dreams.., I need to catch & catch & catch.., everythings that surrounded, oppurtunity.....just catch & scratch but don't over-it!

I am not a robot. Do everything as people told. I am what I am. That's what I am living for..

You need to chill out sometimes. Go to the club or have some giggle moment with your clique. Syooohhhhh away the stress & negativity of unkind people towards me!

Spread my wings & fly~away.. Looking for peaceful place....& my dreams


Like I said b4, I am a human. I do have fault. I have my pride. Don't be self-prejudice!
I choose my own life. :-)

Sometimes I cry & then I stop. I wonder what happen to the world these days?????

So many things collide...war & everything. It suck so bad. Dear god help us with our strongly prayer!!! :,-(

Starts the day again! There is a beautiful day waiting to come by...


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