Monday, May 4, 2009

For Jocelyn, Mother of Two

Glimpsing Eternity

Wishing that we had gone to bed sooner,

The cry of the newborn (our second) startled me awake

We had barely gone to sleep

She recovering from sleep deprivation

And major open-stomach surgery,

Me with the strain of school and work and family

Feeling all lumped together like a load of lead

Upon my back

As I lay in the bed, contemplating whether to ignore the cry,

Pretending to sleep

Hoping that my wife would take the initiative,

Feed the hungry mouth and calm the child’s wail

Relieve me of the burden . . .

And then I no longer needed to pretend

I awoke again to something beautiful

A melody as pure as glass

And enriched by the glory of a mother’s love

She had made no complaint or appeal to her weakened state

Nothing could separate her

From the overflowing of joy

The happiness of life

As she rocked the baby, and sang

And spoke to him of why he meant so much

To us.

--Robert Gibbons

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