Monday, June 1, 2009

The World's First Barnstorming Blogger Basketball Team

One of my biggest dreams since the inception of this website has been the organization of some sort of blogger vs. blogger basketball game. Unfortunately, we're not able to get enough bloggers to the same place, so we've done the next best thing instead. We formed a barnstorming team, the Rio Diamonds:

the 2009 Rio Diamonds

We're going to be travelling across the country this summer like the And 1 Mixtape Tour, only pastier. Most of our players are from the Chicago area, but thanks to our sponsor, we've been able to finance the travel for a few out-of-towners. Here are one word scouting reports on all of us, from left to right:

So, this summer, we'll be coming to a town near you. Get a team together, email me, and we can set up a game. Winners gets to throw water balloons at the losers, and it'll all be taped and shown on this website. Good luck.

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