Thursday, June 4, 2009

Art Review: On the Beach

A man buried in sand up so that only his nose and mustache show is approached by a crab.

As many know, Adam Morrison's greatest contribution to the game of basketball is his mustache. Ergo, the mustache represents Morrison, who is currently a member of the Los Angeles Lakers. However, since Morrison is not a particularly skilled player, he is relegated to the bench. In essence, he is "buried" there, hence the sand.

We also notice the crab menacingly approaching the mustache and nose. In January of 2009, LeBron James was called for a travelling violation, which he explained was simply a "crab dribble." Clearly, the crab is a physical manifestation of LeBron James. The crab refers back to his attempted explanation, while its features (sharp claws, bright colors, enormous head) relate to LeBron's prominence in the NBA.

In this photograph, the crab appears poised to strike the mustache. Given the obvious Morrison/James connectionsin this scene, we can assume that the picture is a meditation on James' anger and frustration that such a peripheral athlete as Morrison might have the ultimate triumph, an NBA title, while being "buried" on the bench.

Estimated price at auction
(Note: the value of this piece will increase if the Lakers win this year's championship and will further increase each year that James does not.)

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