Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Quit Peeking!

There's only one thing I'm sure I learned from the last science class I took at BYU (I don't even remember the title of the class; it wasn't Physics or Biology). That one thing was: Light behaves as a particle when it's observed, and as waves when it is not observed. I tried to observe if anyone else in class was as incredulous as I was when our teacher tried to explain this. They weren't, but I think that's because most of them were sleeping.

Anyway, I've always been curious to know more about this, and then I came across this video today. It doesn't really shine any new light on the subject, but it's very entertaining and serves as a reminder of how small and pathetic we are with our limited understanding of quantum physics.

Final Thought: Take a look at this Mormon blogger's theory for a discussion on how this relates to the mind-blowing doctrine that there never was a time in the past when nothing existed. And especially read the end where he brings The Light of Christ into all of this.

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