Sunday, February 22, 2009

More Pics of Squeaker

Jeremy's first sleep in his bassinet.

Peter holding Jeremy for the first time! (He looks SO excited, huh?)

Excuse the chocolateness of Peter's mouth (and the sad bruise on his eye; I'll let Robert tell you that story)... but here's the big bro, little bro line-up.
We didn't give Jeremy any pacifiers in the hospital to help get nursing off to a good start, but after getting home and finding myself to be a human pacifier :) we cracked... and we already have a little addict. Peter never liked the binky, but Jeremy sure does! I found him like this, with his arm holding his binky into place. So funny.

My Mom (AKA the magic fairy who cleans and cooks and cuddles babies and calms toddlers and does all sorts of other things that start with C) and Jeremy last night, cuddling during a movie.

We love and appreciate all of you for your love and support! Yay for new babies! :) (-Jocelyn)

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