Monday, February 9, 2009

Liveblogging a Blog Post

9:36 -- Some Dude: goathair is going through his Google Reader. He subscribes to WAY too many streetwear blogs.

9:36 -- Another Dude: Seriously. How many times can you see a terrible Lil' Wayne song?

9:37 -- Some Dude: Okay, and now he's sharing a The Big Lead article, saying how stupid the author is. He's winning some points back.

9:37 -- Some Dude: The only thing is, he's not finding anything good to post on.

9:37 -- INTERNET COMMENTER: He sucks anyways. All he ever does is post stupid satires.

9:38 -- UtahJazzFan09: That babies post from last week was so stupid. I totally burned him with "Moron + Blog = Bad."

9:38 -- Matt Moore: I don't think so. Goathair's a friend, and a pretty good blogger. His Morning Bell has been awesome. My wife loves it.

9:39 -- Some Dude: He's in Tumblr now. If he even does another parody like that Patrick Ewing thing I'm unsubscribing from his RSS.


9:40 -- typicalnbablog: maybe he'll compare nba players to guys from the wire. thatd be hilarious

9:40 -- AnotherTypicalNBABlog: Don't you think that this guy looks like this pop culture figure? I can compare these things, which shows that I'm both funny and well-versed.

9:41 -- Some Dude: I like what goathair's doing here. He's in Yahoo!'s main page, looking through pictures from last night.

9:42 -- Another Dude: Yeah, he does that a lot. Finds something that looks silly from last night and makes fun of it. It's not terribly creative, but it's effective. Kind of like The Raconteurs.


9:44 -- typicalnbablog: Did you ever notice that goathair looks like Will Ferrell in Semi-Pro?

9:45 -- AnotherTypicalNBABlog: Haha, yeah. I'm going to go write a fake conversation about it.

9:46 -- Some Dude: He's found a picture.
9:46 -- Another Dude: Oh, great. Another "Brook Lopez Acts Like Napoleon Dynamite" post. BORING.

9:46 -- Some Dude: I don't know. Goathair has kind of shunned that sort of post lately. It's like he saw it happening all over the place and decided to switch up.


9:48 -- Some Dude: Wait. He's opening Paint? Why?

9:49 -- Another Dude: What's that say? "DUUUUHHHH?" Oh, brother. He's lost it.

9:50 -- Some Dude: No way. His Brook Lopez is a classic. He's heading in to Blogger now.

9:51 -- Some Dude: Caption: "Oh, Brook Lopez. Sometimes you make it too easy."

9:52 -- Another Dude: Game over. Post up.

9:52 -- Some Dude: Alright, readers. Looks like we're done here. Thanks for reading/commenting.

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