Friday, January 30, 2009

Frenchmen Hate Shiny Weapons

A lot of the time I just sit and think about various things about the NBA. This usually takes up between 4 and 6 hours of my day, or basically all the time when I'm not working.

Sometimes I think about what teams are good. Sometimes I think about what teams are bad. Sometimes I think about how Mo Williams and LeBron James have tattoos that look so much alike that it's not surprising they play well together.

Other times, I look at pictures of Dwight Howard rebounding. When he's rebounding it looks like he's standing in air. Look:
See, Dwight's just standing. Anderson Varejao, "Snickerface" to his family, is trying to grab the ball, but he can't because he can't levitate and stand like Dwight Howard. This is why Dwight is such a good rebounder.

Being a blogger who uses a lot of visual jokes, I also like to use Google, which is a prominent search engine like Lycos and Ask Jeeves. Just this morning I used Google Image Search (a subsidiary of Google) to see if I could find a wacky picture of Wally Szczerbiak since I just memorized how to spell his name. Turns out when you Google (image version) Wally Szczerbiak, you get a lot of pictures of Wally Szczerbiak without his shirt on, looking like a basketball player people would say looks like a model. It's actually quite funny. To save you a step, here is a hyperlink that will take you to the page I'm talking about if you click on it:

Here's another funny observation that I had last night during the basketball game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Orlando Magic. Because Wally Szczerbiak (see above) was doing well at basketball and his father happened to be in town, they showed a lot of crowd shots of Walt Szczerbiak. Within seconds of seeing him, I used my memory of people's faces to realize that he looks similar to Utah Jazz head coach Jerry Sloan.

This is Jerry Sloan:

This is Walt Szczerbiak:

As you can see from those two photographs that I displayed above, both men have very grey hair which is parted on the left side of their head. Additionally, their faces have similar bone structure and features. However, in that photograph of Walt Szczerbiak, he is sporting a dashing mustache, which I can assure you was not present during the Cleveland Cavaliers versus Orlando Magic game that took place last evening. Isn't this an astute observation?

One last thing that I noticed while using Google (image version) to look for a photograph of Walt Szczerbiak is that when he was younger he looked like character actor Casey Affleck, while he portrayed the titular character in the motion picture The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, a movie about the mastermind behind the World Wrestling Federation's Degeneration X being killed by the man who invented cars.

I will now show you a picture of Walt Szczerbiak when he was younger:

And this is Casey Affleck, brother of Ben Affleck, in the movie about wrestling:

Isn't the resemblance striking? The each have disheveled hair, gingivitis, and prostethic limbs. That's why I made that observation.

Thanks for reading!

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