Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Chris Mihm Enhances His Personal Brand

It's 2k9 now and I need 2 enhance my personal brand. I'm just a 'regular' dude from Texas [via Wisconsin]. I'm rlllly authentic, and my agent said that's why I 'don't play.'I'm too 'authentic' for the people of Los Angeles, I think. Los AngeBros don't fish.

I luv 2 fish for fish.
Who is the 'real' Chris Mihm? I don't want 2 b 2 mainstream, but I don't want 2 b 'fishing Bro' n e more either.

My Bros (Luke and Sasha and Kwame) said that I need 2 get a girlfriend to be a 'normal' dude. Like a dude who will show up 2 shows and/or events and/or galas with his girlfriend.

Is this 2 mainstream-paparazzicore?
Is she 2 'tanoerxy?' (tan + sexy)
Am I legit?
Am I 2 legit?
Am I 2 legit 2 quit?
Is my collar 2 wide?
Do u think my suit stripes are 2 'Mafiosy?'

N e ways, I don't think flashbulbcore is the look for me. It isn't 'conceptual' enuf 2 get 2 the heart of CaliBros who are used 2 Ed Hardy/Ammy Appy/Fila couture t-shirts.

I decided 2 get tattys (and flannel).

Are my tatts 2 wavey?
Is this flannel too entrylevel Alt?
Does this beard make me look too much like _________________ [RANDOM EUROPEAN CENTER]?

///////I AM THE MIHM ECONOMY///////

(via HRO/CRLS/the Carles/Carleser)

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