Friday, December 19, 2008


We are in Utah, and as we happily anticipated -- we are surrounded by SNOW! Driving in it is always a pain, but still I LOVE snow and am so happy that this will be a "white" Christmas unless the weather REALLY heats up. Too bad I can't currently PLAY in the snow other than waddling from here to there. No skiing for me this year... oh well!

So far this trip has been very relaxing. We are mainly lounging around and making ourselves comfortable in my sister's home, with an occasional outing here and there. I think it's what we need (especially Robert after finals). And it's certainly nice on our already drained wallets (ahh, the joys of law school).

Sorry, don't have anything else to say really. We're loving Utah and are SO HAPPY to have a whole week (and a day) left. Yay! (-Jocelyn)

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