Friday, January 25, 2008



Peter and cousin Penelope re-meeting.

Cousins Amanda, Peter, and Penelope having fun!

Temple Square with "pseudoAunt" Brittany, Jocelyn, Peter (and Robert and his sis Tiffany taking the picture).

Cousins Ethan and Peter having a staring contest.

Future mission companions (they're three days apart!) Peter and his bud Adam.


Cousin Bailey (who is freaking her Aunt Jocelyn out by getting so old!) with cousin Joseph.

Peter and his cousin Joseph with Uncle Alex (Joseph's Daddy) on Christmas Day!

Cousin Isabel with Peter. These two had a BALL together. I have a ton of cute pictures, but here's one where they're both actually looking at the camera. (Now whenever I show Peter pictures of Isabel, he gets excited. So cute!)

Cousin Joseph pushing Peter. Go, Go, Joe!

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