Friday, April 13, 2007

The Blessed Bassinet

Look how much Peter's grown already! Here he is right after birth (2/9/07):

And here he is just two weeks ago (4/4/07), with his cousin Joseph (on the left):

I can't believe it's already been a week since my last post! Time sure does fly . . . when you are insanely busy as I am (with my very active little Peter). This is love: Peter is actually NAPPING in his BASSINET (a miracle) so I have time to do whatever I want . . . eat breakfast, clean my front room, groom myself . . . and I am choosing to blog. Yes, I love you all, my blogging fans.

WARNING: The next two paragraphs may make some parents extremely jealous. Since about his second week of life, Peter has slept six hours straight every night (don't say I didn't warn you). In his first month and a half, he'd go down anywhere from midnight to 2 a.m., then stay asleep for five to six hours, wake up for a feeding, and go right back down for two or three more hours of sleep. With the exception of two or three nights, this has been his schedule . . . until last week.

Peter is two months old. He is admittedly a pretty remarkable and handsome boy (I'm not biased or anything) . . . and last week, he actually started to sleep THROUGH THE NIGHT!!! His general sleep schedule now is that he goes down at about 10:30 p.m., wakes up eight to nine hours later (at around 7 a.m.) for a feeding, then goes back to sleep for another two or three hours. Isn't that insane? I am obviously very happy about his sleep habits, but I don't know what I did differently to deserve such a good sleeper. I think he was just born this way! Lucky Robert and me!

One thing I CAN take credit for is that I play with Peter all day long . . . so he may sleep so well because by the night time, he is exhausted from all our adventures. He has learned to play by himself and does do that quite a bit during the day, but together we dance (usually to MY favorite songs, which I'll blog about later), play with blocks, go on walks (at least once a day; this is his nap time usually), talk, sing LOTS of songs (anyone who knows me isn't surprised about this one), and read books. A couple of days ago, I started reading him The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame. I own it, but I'd actually never read it, so it's been fun to read it aloud to Peter. We read about a chapter a day (at one sitting). I of course use separate accents for all of the characters because I'm crazy like that, so he usually just stares at me most of the time (or falls asleep for periods). Peter already thinks/knows I'm weird! Oh well! It was bound to happen sometime. At least I'm FUN weird. But truly, reading time has become my favorite part of our day together (well, other than when he's smiling a ton -- you can't beat that).

Okay, this is the never ending blog (Is it just me, or do you also get the theme song from The Never Ending Story stuck in your head every time you hear the phrase "never ending"? Just me? Hmm. Figures.) so I'm going to wrap it up. Blog to you all later! Bye! (-Jocelyn)

Isn't this funny? Peter started sucking on his fingers like this the other day, creating a "fang" effect.

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