Monday, December 4, 2006

Nine Weeks and Counting

Yay for my newest little niece, Hannah Kay, born November 30. Isn't she adorable?

Yep, only
nine weeks until the official due date arrives (February 9, 2007). It's pretty crazy that there are only nine weeks left . . . just a little more than two months. I am way excited to see and hold and love my little baby boy, but I am definitely also scared for him to finally be out of the womb. (That means I'll actually be a real parent, not just an almost one, and I'll be in charge of an entire person! Daah!) I think Robert and I are ready, though, so I know things will go okay, despite the growing pains that we are sure to experience.

Our baby room is almost finished. I've been saying that for the past month or so, but really, we just have a day or two more of working on it, and it will be all organized and ready. We live in a small two bedroom apartment, so it's actually our office-slash-baby's room, but both parts are coming together. I can't wait until it's done!!! Then the major baby prep stress will be over and I can just wait for labor to come . . . wahoo?

This is a very "rambly" blog, and I don't really have a point. So I'll wrap it up. As a side note, we are loving A Christmas Carol (we opened on Thanksgiving weekend). Just being in a show again is so great, and I LOVE this show! I have it memorized (thanks to being in it last year and this year), and it still makes me cry. Seriously! And it's not just the hormones, I promise. I'll do a post sometime about my favorite lines and such, but for now, I'll just say that I love the show and I'm so grateful to be performing in it again with Robert. Yay for grand opportunities and our last theater "hurrah" before the baby comes! Love to all! (-Jocelyn)

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