Monday, December 11, 2006

The Question

Yesterday was Robert and my two year engagement anniversary. That's right . . . two years ago yesterday (on December 10, 2004), Robert took me on a special date to Park City and eventually popped the question. And I of course said yes.

We've started a fun tradition (started it last year, continued it this year, plan to keep doing it in the future) on our engagement anniversary. Sometime during the day, I hand him back my ring (ensuring that he has a safe place to put it--usually the box he actually gave it to me in). It is then his job to sometime that day ask me, once again, if I will marry him. Yeah, yeah, it's cheesy. But I think it's a fun tradition to celebrate the fact that knowing what he knows now . . . he would still ask me all over again. And knowing what I know now . . . I would still definitely say YES! (BTW, in Robert's defense, this cheesy tradition is in fact my idea . . . and it was in fact my idea to share this bit with y'all. He was a bit embarrassed that I told people about it, so tag ME as the dopey, cheesy one. Robert's definitely the cool one.)

I love my Robert. He is such an amazing husband and inspiring person. I really do know that I am better today--more thoughtful, less likely to take offense, more faithful, more optimistic--because of his good influence on me. I am grateful for such a wonderful best friend and eternal companion. Hooray! (-Jocelyn)

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