Saturday, November 25, 2006

Earliest Memory

I'm not slow on the uptake, I promise (well, most of the time). I just didn't see Rachel's "tag" until now... so here we go. My earliest memory...

I think my earliest memory has to be when I was around two or three years old. We lived in the Spyglass house and I was at the across-the-street neighbor's house with my sisters. I remember I was playing in the jacuzzi while they were off chatting or doing something else. I was jumping from seat to seat and decided to try to go under the water and hold my breath. I was very little, and I think someone came and pulled me up out of the water, afraid I would drown. I think I could swim already (or at least float), because I took swimming lessons when I was about two I think. But I do remember going under the water and having someone pull me out because they were afraid for me.

Who knows how much of that is "real" and how much of it is dramatized from reflecting on that "earliest memory," but I'm sure there's some truth in it!

I have a lot of memories from age four and up... from Christmas memories (when I was four, I was so curious about the present from my Grandma Stayner that I would tear a little tiny piece off every few days... finally I got so excited and half opened it and it was a Rainbow Bright doll. I think I got in trouble for opening it, and I remember feeling bad because I knew I wasn't supposed to open it, but I loved the doll!); to preschool memories (my first crush, Will Esposito I think his name was); etc. etc!

Yay for random memories. (-Jocelyn)

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