Thursday, November 16, 2006

Schpeal Time

Hello Blogger Fans!

Okay, okay. I probably don't have any Blogger fans. But I can dream, right?

Above are two pictures from one of the Halloween parties we attended this year. This one is a "How to Host a Murder" party with friends of mine from high school. It was based in a dig site in Mesopotamia. I am an archeologist; Robert is a "flamboyant" actor. Very fun! (And yes, you can see little suck in my stomach. HE is getting huge. Not me. HIM!)

I'm finally in my third trimester and I am ready for the home stretch. Pregnancy has been fun in ways . . . but I have been sick and/or uncomfortable for most of my pregnancy, so after 28 weeks, I'm ready for the next 12 to be over. Sad thing is that every day brings a "fun" new symptom, like increasing heartburn, leg cramps (holy cow they hurt at 3 in the morning!), more back aches, hip aches . . . everything aches. It's definitely "worthwhile" pain, but it's still pain!

Robert's finishing up his law schtuff and is poised and ready to send in his applications. Should be this week, at latest, the next week. Then it will be the waiting game. Robert's current list of schools is as follows:

1. University of Chicago
2. Stanford
4. USC
5. George Washington
6. Iowa University
7. Boston University
8. Brigham Young University
9. Creighton

A friend of Robert's is currently attending Creighton law school, so we get that application for free (wahoo). For sure U of Chicago is our favorite, but the rest are all pretty closely tied for second. Hopefully he'll get a scholarship somewhere. That's our ideal situation at least.

Well, this blog is getting long and boring. If you made it this far, good for you! And if you're in the Orem, Utah area this Christmas season, do come by the Hale Center Theatre (Orem) and see us in A Christmas Carol. (-Jocelyn)

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