Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Here we are after the Homecoming Dance.

Yes, I am pregnant! There's a side shot for y'all in my pretty dress.

Whew, it was a fun weekend. On Friday night, Robert took me to the BYU Homecoming Dance (a swing dance). Well, first we had a yummy dinner with our friends the Roundys, then we head to the dance with them. Sooo fun! Robert was amazed at my stamina, given my big belly and my usually aching feet. But I love dancing (especially swing and slow dancing!) and having a fun, formal date with Robert way too much to let a little pregnancy get me down. :)

On Saturday, we went to a halloween party hosted by Dave and Courtney Loveless. It was a kidnap mystery party for which Dave wrote the script. I was a tavern wench and Robert was a has-been child actor. I ended up being one of the kidnappers (it seems one of us is always the guilty party at these things. I wonder what that suggests . . . hmm . . .).

This Friday, Robert and I are taking a mini-vacation to an inn in Manti. It's sort of a getaway before I'm too big to get away (and before we have a baby). We're just staying at the inn for a night, but we're pretty excited, because it's always nice to be able to be somewhere new and just RELAX. Woohoo!

Other than ALL that, life is pretty much the same. OH. . . great news . . . Robert got his LSAT score and he got a 167, which is the 95th percentile (so we are very happy). He's getting all his applications ready as we speak, so who knows where we'll be this time next year. I'll keep you posted! (-Jocelyn)

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