Friday, October 20, 2006

I'm Pregnant, NOT Fat!!!

From left to right: Annette (due beginning of April, I believe); Me (due February 9); Liz (due mid-January); and Katie (due mid-March). Woohoo for the pregnant ladies!

Here, finally, is a pic of myself as a pregger. It's not the most flattering of shots (hence the headline), but it will do to show the belly.

My baby boy is decidedly a spazz. Not too much of a surprise given his parentage, but I swear his favorite activity is to do backflips, kicks, somersaults . . . whatever he can manage in that now-not-so-little space inside my belly. One happy thought is that music always tends to calm him down. He'll be kicking/jumping/whatever-ing up a storm, and I'll sing a few songs out-loud. Almost always, he'll sit still by at least the second song I sing. He usually moves excitedly when I start to sing, then he'll just settle in and relax. Hooray! A musical child! (As if he had a choice; he had to at least deal with music, because I sing all the time no matter what!)

Anyway, today's exciting event is that I am going to HOMECOMING with my wonderful husband, Robert. I have a dress (which I bought a few weeks ago as a new church dress, but decided to "save" to be my Homecoming dress) and we're going with the Roundys, some friends of ours. Should be a blast. I'll post pics... if I ever take any. Ha!

Well, love to all. Live long and be happy! (-JoJo)

For your viewing pleasure, here's another pic of the pregnant ladies, with my sister Megan (far right) who just had baby Jackson in June (so obviously she is NOT pregnant). For some reason there's a line in the pic, but oh well! Here you go:

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