Sunday, May 4, 2008

Massive Update

#1 The End of Finals

I'm done with school for four entire months! I took four finals over the past two weeks and each one felt like a year's worth of pain. For our Contracts exam, our professor named one of the characters Cyrus Miley, which ended up being a hint that we were supposed to talk about contracts with minors. Because I knew so much about Hannah Montana, I figured it out. Other less-cultured individuals that I talked to missed it. Thanks, Jocelyn, for educating me with the Disney Channel.

Once I had finished my last final, I came home and watched "A Civil Action." You would think I'd pick a movie that wasn't law-related, since my brain has been oversaturated with legal information for the past eight months, but as chance would have it, "A Civil Action" ended up at the top of our blockbuster queue at just the right time. It's an okay movie for presenting an honest look at the legal world (it's based on a true story).

#2 Panda-monium

The DC zoo's most famous attraction is the family of giant pandas. Here's a video of what I believe is the baby panda (three years old) eating bamboo:

The pictures that follow are of various animals and Peterisms; these were all taken somewhere in the zoo.

Okay, this picture's not actually from the zoo. But Jocelyn looks so pretty and Peter so cute (and messy) that I had to put it in.

By the way, the zoo is free. As are almost all DC museums. So that should be an added incentive for any and all of you who are considering visiting us this summer. We guarantee that we can house at least three extra people at a time in our house, and Jocelyn promises to bake cookies for anyone who decides to stay with us. In truth, we just want family/friends to stay overnight so that we can force them to play games with us.

#3 El Trabajo

I start my summer job tomorrow. I'll be clerking for a small firm just a couple of blocks away from the school. I'll be mainly in charge of communicating with the Spanish-speaking clients. I'll have a lot of responsibility, which is rare for a first-year law student, so I'm of course very excited about that. It'll also be nice not having to worry about homework each night.

#4 The End

I think now that school is over and I don't need to take my laptop to school anymore, Jocelyn (and I) will be able to start blogging near-full-time again. So look for more frequent updates from here on out.


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