Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Movie News

Jocelyn and I have seen quite a few movies in the past month or so. I have decided, therefore, to give all of you a quick synopsis and review of these movies, not because you care, but because I like to hear myself talk (or read myself write... or something like that):

Theater Movies
Mission Impossible 3: Ethan Hunt is on the trail of a wanted man, who earns a living by making deals with terrorists. When Ethan's wife is placed in jeopardy as a result, Ethan takes drastic measures to ensure her safety. She too must decide whether she loves and trusts Ethan enough to do something unthinkable at a crucial moment. (A-)

X-Men 3: The best of the series, this movie explores the motives that drive both humans and X-men to fight against each other. Some very dramatic rifts appear between humans and X-men, even some so deep as to tear apart the bonds that once held Xavier's School for the Gifted together. A surprise twist at the end of the movie (and then another one after the credits) will make you want to pay careful attention until the lights go up in the theater. (A)

The Da Vinci Code: I agreed with critics about this movie (which is a hint that I was probably influenced by them). I don't think the movie was really all that great. I think the director and script writer should have been more creative. I would have liked to see less talking/plot exposition and more cinematography focusing on the art and architecture. (C+)

She's the Man: Actually, this was quite funny. It's based on Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, about a girl who has to pretend to be a man. I thought it would be crude, but it wasn't. Just funny. (B+)

Over the Hedge: A cute movie about animals, this feature presents the expected themes about love, family, and friendship, while including a few hilarious characters like the kind we have come to expect from animated features. Kudos to Bruce Willis as the selfish raccoon. He pulls off his character quite well. (B)

The Shaggy Dog: Tim Allen pulls some funny surprises in this movie. I actually enjoyed seeing Danny Glover and Robert Downey, Jr. more, though. Those guys are cool. I don't know, though. Robert Downey, Jr. seemed to be sort of making fun of the movie as he did it, like he wasn't taking it too seriously, which I actually kind of liked. When you see it, look for that and tell me if I'm right. A good movie for the fam. (B)

Cinderella Man: During the depression, times are hard for the main character (I forget his name). He's hurt his hand too many times to box well, and soon finds himself relying on charity just to feed his family and keep them warm. He won't abandon his values no matter what, though. He's a "rock," as my brother Stephen referred to him, a man with real integrity. After years of suffering, a lucky break finds him back in the ring as he battles perhaps even to the death. (A)

Little Shop of Horrors: Good musical, though the first half is better than the last half. In the play, the ending is actually a lot more depressing (the plant kills everyone and takes over the world), but the movie is still very dark and morbid. I'd see it again just for the song "Skid Row." Jocelyn said that song gives her goosebumps every time. (B+)

I guess that's all for now. In other news, our ward took 1st place in the Intramurals tournament for BYU Kickball. Jocelyn and I got t-shirts.


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