Tuesday, June 13, 2006

It's Raining Babies

As mentioned in my last post, I have a new nephew as of Friday—Jackson John Bunch. I was of course excited so I bragged to various friends and coworkers and I was always asked the same question: How many nieces and nephews do you have? Sadly, I didn't have an answer.

It's not that I don't know my nieces and nephews, I do! I can name every one and I love every one. But... alas... there are SO many of them that it is not easy to give an immediate figure without some prior calculation. I decided to do that calculation. Prepare to be awed:

Stayner = 11 total (7 nephews; 4 nieces)
Matt/Kay – Zachary
Megan/John – Bailey, Cameron, Morgan, Jackson
Katie/Josh – Harrison, Weston, Samuel
Annette/Andy – Holden, Owen
Rachel/Ryan – Mia

(The above picture is all of the kids except Jackson, who's pictured below. From left to right: Owen, Samuel, Weston, Zachary, Holden, Morgan, Bailey, Mia, Cameron, and Harrison.)

(Jackson John Bunch is pictured above.)

Gibbons = 21 total (8 nephews; 13 nieces)
Chris/Tara – Trey
Debbie/Earl – Tayla, Carder, Mariah, Micah, Ben, Hyrum, Tacie, Samantha (pictured below)
Mike/Carolina – Joseph, Lola, Gabriella, Bianca, Camilla
Tami/Jerald – Tamara, Cassie, Caleb
Josh/Kim – Nova, Tallen
Adam/Micah – Kyler, Chloe

That's 15 nephews, 17 nieces—for a total of 32 kids!!!

Isn't that crazy? And to think... there are still more babies on the way (in the womb and in the future; four of Robert's siblings aren't married yet).

Well, luckily I always liked kids, because I am truly surrounded. (-JoJo)

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