Saturday, June 16, 2007

Of Feedings and Roll-Overs

Peter in the process of rolling over!

Peter with his cousin Savannah.

Sorry it's been so long! Things have been busy here . . . mainly with Peter growing and learning something new almost everyday!

Last week, Peter mastered rolling over from his back to his tummy. Now he rolls over usually within about twenty seconds of my placing him on the floor to play. Once he's on his tummy, he's starting to (gulp) make crawling motions (pulls himself up with his arms and tries to get to the toys in front of him). Ahhh! Someone stop time, please! It seems like I just brought Peter home from the hospital and already he's rolling over and trying to move.

We took Peter to the doctor last week and he is in the FOURTH -- that's right FOURTH -- percentile for weight! Poor skinny guy! He's average (about 45th percentile) for height and head, so he is just SKINNY. We think it's just his genes. When Robert was in elementary and jr. high school, his (not so nice for him, but so funny now) nickname was "Ribs." Robert would eat everything in sight . . . and he was still a STICK (so people could see his ribs . . . hence the nicknames). So we're thinking Peter just takes after his dad.

Because of Peter's weight, though, the doctor told us to start him on rice cereal now (at four months), which is a little earlier than normal. Below are some pics of his first experience. Notice how he is totally and completely happy BEFORE the ceral. Then look at the after shot. Haha. Not his favorite thing. (He hasn't gotten the spoon thing down yet, so we're feeding him the cereal through a bottle, as the doctor approved, and slowly introducing the spoon.)



Sorry this is so long and probably boring! We'll be out of town next week for Robert's family's vacation, which we are SOOOO excited for! Games . . . nature . . . food . . . family . . . more games (we love games!) . . . Hooray!!! I think I'll enjoy this year's vacation more than last year, because last year, I was sick (pregnant) the entire vacation so I could hardly do anything. This year, I am healthy and able to PLAY so I am looking forward to it.

Last but not least . . . we are thinking of making this blog private sometime soon. I love to have readers of all shapes and sizes, but our main purpose for this blog is to have a place to quickly update our family and friends of our goings-on, so it's filled with private information. I'll warn you before I make it private, but do e-mail us if you want to keep reading so I can put you on the list when that day comes.

Well, I hope all is going well with you and yours. Hope you enjoy the pictures! (-Jocelyn)

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