Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Hello All You Viewers Out There in (Blogger) Land!

As always (so far in this pregnancy), the past week has been a drastic rollercoaster. Luckily, it seems that by now (my 18th week) the ups tend to last longer than the downs. (Right now I seem to be averaging 2 bad days, 5 good days a week). I'm just hoping the downs go away and I'm not one of those *lucky* women who have morning sickness for her entire pregnancy. Ahhh!

Getting to the fun stuff... it was my birthday on August 26 and Robert's on August 29. We're now both 23. I can't believe I'm only 23. Most days I feel like I'm mid or late 30s or even 40s. I think it's some kind of complex I have from always being around grown-ups as a kid. I don't know. (Robert thinks I act more like a 5-year-old on occassion. Maybe I just have age issues in general!) For our birthdays, we tried to act 23 and have a lot of fun.

Robert was sweet and for my birthday he took me to Beauty and the Beast at the Hale Center Theater in SLC. It was AWESOME... and he bought the tickets something like three months in advance, because they sold out literally that long ago. I even saw an old friend of mine in the show, Nic Siler.

After the show, Robert gave me money (yay for money) and told me I could go shopping wherever I wanted. This is quite a gift, as I hardly ever go shopping anymore and as Robert HATES shopping. He put aside his prejudice, though, and we had a good time at the Gateway. I ended up just buying one pair of cute maternity pants that should last me throughout the whole 9 months. Woohoo. (Oh and we went to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Robert asked at each of the restaurants if they did anything for birthdays... none of them did! Well, at the last restaurant, the server brought us out a brownie and some ice cream and lit a candle for me. So at least it was something! No singing, though.)

Robert's birthday I hope was fun for him! We saw a movie ("Monster House" in 3-D), perused BYU's Museum of Art, minigolfed, and went to dinner. It was definitely a good day.

Yay for birthdays! (-JoJo)

PS- Some of you have requested photos of us. I would love to comply, but sadly, we don't have a digital camera yet. We're planning on that being our big Christmas present to each other (along with baby stuff I'm sure). So... I'll post when I have pics. I definitely look pregnant now, though. :)

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