Wednesday, May 24, 2006

This Time, Looking Back

It's been just over a year now since Jocelyn and I were sealed in the Bountiful temple. We took an anniversary trip to the Anniversary Inn in SLC and stayed in the "Enchanted Forest" room and had dinner at The Roof. I gave Jocelyn a calendar for 2006–07 full of things we both love, a necklace, and some clothing, and she gave me an Ultimate Frisbee set along with some of my favorite fine foods.

I also gave her a Mother's Day present, since our Anniversary and Mother's Day fell on the same day this year.

Here's a poem I wrote for Jocelyn a few months ago. It's really about the increasing amount of love I feel for her and that (I hope) she feels for me. Our love is still growing and going strong.

This Time, Looking Back

This time, looking back, the valley seems green
The trees are the same size, but with more shade
The old castle up there can still be seen
Time's made it richer when I thought it would fade

And the image of you is everywhere,
In the road, in the grass, and in the trees
I can still see the way the wind curled your hair
And the smile you wore as I shielded the breeze

That's where I first noticed your beautiful eyes
And over there is where I first understood you
Those simple days and those first memories
Make the grass green and keep the sky bright blue

I hurried down the hill with you behind me
Our hands were clasped forever with a ring;
Your hair is still whispering toward me
In the faint warm wind of spring

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