Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Two Peas . . .

It's gratifying to know you can help someone else achieve their full potential. My husband, "Bob," is a genius. He has more unique ideas stacked in his head than any sane person really should have-- from story or research concepts to witty remarks to well . . . anything and everything. He is a walking think machine.

But as happens in college life, it comes time to write a paper, and he gets 13/10 for ideas, 7/10 for organization and argument. Connecting the dots isn't his specialty. Don't get me wrong-- he's a remarkable writer, good enough to get an A on any paper. But from this editor's perspective, there are always a few loopholes here and there, a couple lingering sentences, too many unexplained (brilliant) concepts . . . so I help him muddle through. A fierce critique or two later, we read together what is literally a two-to-five page masterpiece. And I think: we made that. (-JoJo)

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